IT Event

The main goal of this IT Event is sharing knowledge and involving people of different age into the process of understanding software tools, methods and features of the collection, processing, storage, distribution, display and usage of information.

Who we are? We are developers, quality assurance engineers, user interface designers, testers, managers, administrators and a lot of others.We are of different age, some of us are married and some are not, but our common objective is to shorten the distance between IT world and You, to make it clearer, more understandable and interesting for You. 

Who we are? We are just like You! It doesn't really matter what You are doing right now or what Your occupation is - what really matters is Your wish to change Your life, to become independent from circumstances, small salary or misunderstanding with Your boss because of different levels of education. We cannot promise You that all great things will just fall on You at once, but at least You'll get all information about the chances.

 This meeting is not only for IT professionals - it's an opportunity for everyone, who is interested in living in amazing information world and for those who every day seeks the answer for the question: "How deep is a rabbit hole?".

So if you're IT professional - we're expecting you to come. If you're a student – you should probably come to get a chance for the great opportunity in the future. But if you're an enthusiast who wants to join us - you should definitely come.

Participants of IT Event will be able to:

get new knowledge;

meet like-minded people;

get the possibility of live communication with those, who can change Your life forever.